Springing Into Summer – Classic Chic Couture™

Springing Into Summer

We have been working hard to reach you where you are. Covid has actually forced many businesses to transition in a way that we planned to be initially. We want to create a network so that we aren’t just selling you looks. We want you to have an opportunity to invest in a brand that has you in mind from the very beginning and Classic Chic Couture is that brand. So follow us as we engage you with classy attire, culture, and info to live your best lifestyle.

Bed, Sass, and Beyond.

We know a lot of you are still working from home which keeps you from wearing a lot of the high fashion stuff that bosses wear, right? But we also are starting to get back into the world slowly but surely things are opening and we got you covered from the sleep/loungewear to the night on the town.

Kindred Spirits.

We know that our C3 Babe is someone that wants to align with other women that are empowered and feel great about themselves. At C3 we know that self love comes first and we love to cater to you because we understand that what we do helps you all with self care. 

Spring is here!

 We will be debuting some beautiful spring looks for you to enjoy! We are dedicated to making sure that you look fabulous no matter the occasion or location. Everyone is starting to return to the world and we want you all to have the biggest girls night ever! Just allow us to dress you for it. ❤️


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