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New Beginnings for C3

 I believe 2020 was a rough yet revealing year for us all. It really gave us a lesson on what we can control vs what we can’t. Since 2020 will definitely be one for the books we thought that some of our best times should be ahead of us. However none of this happens without a plan, so I wanted to be transparent with my babes and share some of those goals for 2021.


Something I have wanted to do for a very long time is create a strong network of women who encourage and support each other through the power of social media. So often social media is used for us to be measured against each other that I thought about the force that would be behind a group of women that formed an alliance for the purpose of support on these platforms.


This allows us to do things instantly that we usually have to wait on like growing brand awareness. That network of women with loyalty to each other’s progress will move the needle of an unknown brand to a relatively known brand just by social media presence.


Here at C3, we are creating a brand that will move to its own vibe. I believe it will establish itself as a lifestyle with upbeat and trending styles, becoming a part of it will be as natural as being yourself. Here at C3 we want you to dress the version of you that you dare to show the world, now let’s get ready to smash these 2021 goals. www.classicchiccouture.com

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