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Gneaaa: If I talk, will you listen...

What’s up C3 BAB3S!!! 


I had a thought to start something alongside the website since we’ve been in quarantine, so I did.  I thought a blog would be a dope way to connect with all my BAB3S and express myself since I’m spending all my time at the house, bored out of my mind. I get to talk about fashion, hot topics, and life as a whole.


I don’t know how I feel about heading back to school obviously because Covid is ruining everything right now lol. I want to be safe so being at home has been what’s best, but makes me want to wear loungewear all the time. I feel like I’m less productive when I’m wearing joggers and more relaxed stuff. On the other hand I’m ready to go back to school because I love to socialize. I’m ready to start wearing all my new stuff and I’m hoping they’ll be more relaxed on the dress code so we can really express ourselves. A lot of us have been in the house and this will be kind of getting things back to normal and loosening up at the same time.


Listen, I’m a whole mood with my outfits. You will definitely be able to tell how I feel when you see what I wear. Lately I’ve been in love with earth tones because I think it brings out my skin, so when my make-up is poppin expect colors close to my skin. I mean business in black, it has me slim and trim. I told y’all I’m social but sometimes I want my ensemble to do the talking and that’s when I pull out my brights. So when I’m around my friends on a nice sunny day I love to wear yellow, it does all the talking for me. I don’t have to say a word, plus I say less since I'll be sporting my C3 fashion mask.


Classic Chic Couture is gonna take care of all our C3 BAB3S’ needs.  We want to be unique but still relatable enough for girls to express themselves whether they feel like dressing down or wanting to be bougie. 

Whatever you need, whether it’s great fashion, great conversation, or both...we got it!


                                                        - Love ya!

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2 thoughts on “Gneaaa: If I talk, will you listen...

  1. avatar Jazz says:

    Thanks Gneaa! Love your collections!

  2. avatar Jazz says:

    Thanks Gneaa! Love the collections!

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