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C3 Fashion Transitional Trends

What’s up #C3babes! I hope all has been going fabulous and well! I know we all CANNOT wait until things are back to normal so everyone else can see us fabulous in the flesh lol. We really just wanted to touch base with you all and shower you with some ideas that may benefit you while we are all still virtual as well as when we back out to party.

First up is this new blue velvet bodysuit. Classic Chic Couture | Catch this Wave Velvet Set – Classic Chic Couture™  This is something you can look cute and be comfy in around the house while being a boss and smashing career goals. Once things open up, you can add some bomb slacks and a jacket to this and head out for drinks with the girls.

We also have these faux leather leggings Classic Chi Couture | High Gloss Faux Leather Leggings – Classic Chic Couture™   in stock. These are comfortable yet fashionable. You can dress these up or down. Perfect with a nice printed blouse and heels on for a date night. And if you go home for a nightcap these easily become lounge wear. They are perfect for any occasion.

These are a couple of the most versatile items we have in our closet. I hope you all enjoy these to the fullest, get them while they are here. Keep doing your thing #C3Babes we’ll catch you all next month. 💋

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