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Best Jumpsuits for Different Body Types in 2021

We get asked a lot of questions about jumpsuits and body types:

  • What body types can wear jumpsuits?
  • What body type looks best in jumpsuits?
  • Do jumpsuits look good on everyone? 

If you think that jumpsuits may not be for your body type, we’re here to tell you from our vast experience that jumpsuits look good on every type of body. Jumpsuits can fit any woman's unique body shape and look stylish.

Jumpsuits for Different Body Types

  • Hourglass: this body type is best for wearing jumpsuits, showing off your natural figure. You can wear tighter-fitting to show your waistline or snug fit to flaunt your curvy hips and waist. 
  • Plus-size: Jumpsuits are stylish and elegant, making them a perfect option for this body type. Use the jumpsuit with vertical lines and smooth visuals. Choose the wrap jumpsuits or with wide legs to create a beautiful draping effect. Dark colors, off-the-shoulder, poncho style, soft
  • Pear-shaped: Best choice for this body type is the Jumpsuits that balance the upper and lower body. Show off the shoulders with off-the-shoulder or wide-neck jumpsuits. Wear wide or straight-legged jumpsuits to help create flow. 
  • Apple-shaped: Jumpsuits are perfect for this body type as they allow you to show off those stems while balancing the visual weight of the upper body. Chooses styles that are more snug fitting and tailored around the legs. blousy top with elastic waistband
  • Large chest / Busty ladies: jumpsuits could be the most flattering dress that busty women can wear, accentuating your body without letting the chest take over. Perfect dress for overall balancing for this body type. Loose and flowing sleeves with straight or slim fitted legs are great choices for this body type. not too deep v-neck jumpsuit
  • Athletic body/ straight body /small chest: straight-shaped bodies look amazing in jumpsuits. Use a belt with your jumpsuits to provide a curvier look. Ruffled jumpsuit up top adds volume and curves.
  • Petite body: Jumpsuits are great for petite bodies, giving the appearance of more height with their linear look. Choose more tailored fits to give definition to your body instead of loose and draped styles. Straight legs with longer hemlines are great choices.


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